Welcome to OpenTTP

The Open Traceable Time Platform is an open-source solution for a timing system that can be made fully traceable to national standards. It achieves traceability using the GPS common-view technique, which allows distant clocks to be compared with an accuracy of a few ns. The reference platform is based on readily available, low-cost OEM modules and provides a full software and hardware solution.


Sun. 21st April, 2019 Added presentations made to the 2019 Joint Conference of the IFCS-EFTF to the Publications page.

Sat. 3rd March, 2018 Added presentation made to the 2017 ATF Workshop to the Publications page.

Sun. 20th November, 2016 Added presentation made to the APMP TCTF meeting to the Publications page.

Wed. 20th July, 2016 The v1 PCB design has been sent away for manufacture.

Sat. 2nd July, 2016 There is now a development blog.

Wed. 13th April, 2016 Generation of CGGTTS and RINEX files from receiver and counter/timer data is now fully functional. mkrinex has been renamed to mktimetx reflecting its expanded functionality. Trimble, Javad and NVS receivers are being supported initially.

Tue. 29th September, 2015 Added presentation made to the CCTF Working Group on GNSS to the Publications page.

Wed. 12th August, 2015 Software is now available on GitHub in the Develop branch: