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2020-12-12 Raspberry Pi version

The latest version of the hardware is based on the RPi and is in a bigger box so it's a bit easier to work with. The FPGA carrier board (upper right) has convenient test points for measuring delays.
Raspberry Pi version

2020-02-09 User manual updated

The rainy weather inspired me to fill in some of the blanks in the documentation.

2020-02-08 Miscellaneous update

Development work of late has focused on improving support for the ublox ZED-F9 receivers. In particular, there is a new Python logging script and mktimetx can now decode the GPS ephemeris for completely self-contained operation. Dual frequency output is now supported, but still being tested. There will be a poster at EFTF 2020. Update: EFTF 2020 was cancelled so no poster.
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