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2016-07-15 First time-transfer results from the ublox LEA-M8T GNSS receiver

The ublox 8 series timing receivers can be used for GPSCV time-transfer. In the CGGTTS data plots below, REF is a Javad receiver, and CAL is the ublox receiver. The receivers are measured against the same caesium beam standard. The RMS residual difference between the difference of the two data sets and a linear fit to the same is 4 ns. Some of the noise will be due to imprecise antenna co-ordinates for the ublox receiver.

Support for the ublox receivers has now been merged into the Develop branch.

ublox time-transfer

2016-07-11 CGGTTS v1 versus v2E

Support for CGGTTS v1 output is now fully implemented. CGGTTS v1 specifies use of the full data set whereas CGGTTS v2E samples the data set with a 30 s period. In practice, the difference is small. The RMS residual difference between the two solutions in the data set below (Javad receiver) is 0.33 ns.
CGGTTS output

2016-06-30 3D model of the prototype

front view of enclosure
rear view of enclosure
Front (top) and rear (bottom) views of the prototype. The unit will have a 4x20 status display and keypad for basic control. An external DC power supply will be used.

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